Hoteles y Resorts en Puerto Vallarta

All Inclusive Resort in Puerto Vallarta: Is it Worth it?

That’s a nice view to wake up to.  The nice bay is super calm got some palm trees, the pool. I don’t know if you can see it way back here there’s a cruise ship coming in, someone out on a paddleboard. It’s beautiful.

So this is how the other half lives. This is the life. Day two it’s really not day 2 – more
like hour 14 of our little stay-vacation here in Vallarta we are at Sunscapes, Sunscape and by our
all-inclusive resort I believe on hotels dot com it’s like if you were booking on there it’s like 150
dollars luckily we were able to go through my dad’s a vacation timeshare program so that’s what brings us here
but today we wanted to talk about so you’re coming to vallarta should you stay in an all-inclusive resort or should you
go into town stay in a hotel or maybe an Airbnb
yeah I got the biggest omelet she would make me with a little bit of sausage on the
all right the real question is this buffet or Mi Cafe in town way better way better than the dinner buffet I
thought that’s true that if you watched our video or our last video the breakfast buffet was pretty good but I
will certainly give the edge to most of the breakfast places in Vallarta the Freddie’s, Cafe de Olla, Mi Cafe, Coco’s kitchen, Pancake House, they all have the edge
But this is poolside [Music] How’s the water, feels really nice he’s pretty nice too
so far this Resort is to go to breakfast somewhat early because after us and was online he gives you the pool early
because now the kids are arriving and okay what would you generally say is like the benefit of staying in an
all-inclusive rather than staying in a hotel abb regardless to the city yeah I think
one of the best things about an all-inclusive and I remember feeling this after Greg and I first got on a
cruise it’s a similar experience in terms of like there’s minimal like zero to be very minimal of planning required in
terms of planning your trip as a whole but then also once you get to the resort or get on a ship or whatever like it’s
not really there’s like a couple activities you can choose from and like obviously you can put short excursion
type things in the lobby but other than that it’s like your vacation is generally like planned for you you don’t
have to yeah hypothetically if you’d never left it was or you would have a perfect vacation so yeah I think
all-inclusive is kind of better for if you’re looking just pure relaxation I feel like my job was like came easy
she’s like in seasons and so after busy season this is like all I wanted to do was like
Poole like watch the waves and I think if that’s the sort of vacation looking for I do feel like an all-inclusive
resort option effect exactly whereas I think staying in town somewhere where they care of I order way anywhere is
better if you really want to get a little bit more of a closer experience explore you can try the local food at
the you know that actual restaurants not a buffet so that’s a better option so which cities in Mexico will get some
iron in a second but which cities in Mexico do you feel like are more suited to staying an all-inclusive or to
staying I can air B&B for example sure thing the first one that comes to mind is Cabo we actually see there an
all-inclusive resort and Cabo and we’ve also stayed in a not all-inclusive resort option the only
cause of resort option was obviously to learn to hear like every meal was included drains things like that and
then the non all-inclusive option sort of what ended up happening is everywhere in town that we found to be injury our
super expensive places like maybe fifteen to twenty dollar meal sixteen dollar margaritas on the beach so I
think actually in Cabo I think the bang for your buck so to speak were like I think that your all-inclusive like
please for itself in a weird way in case you’re planning to like go to the grocery store and cook at home
100% all-inclusive I would say I would throw Cancun in there as well 100% all-inclusive we’d we stayed in the
hotel zone we went to Cabo and did do it all-inclusive and there’s we couldn’t really find any food really hard it was
really array it was like the hotel zone and came Taylor is sort of separated from the
city not walkable what well whatsoever the little like Peninsula where although the Kells are it’s not walkable so we
stumbled on walks probably miles to find a mall where we again probably paid way too much for
food yeah and we ventured into town into Cancun to try and see like I mean like we we’re not here just to see the beach
you want to see a town yeah and there’s a reason you never saw a video about it just put it that way so 100% Cancun
Easton will head is I don’t even know if there is still because everything is affordable and again the city itself is
set up a little bit for tourism so I think it like and then last year I can think of we’ll go rapid-fire La Paz
there’s no all-inclusive stay at a hotel what those gonna be though stay in a hotel to kind of have a surfer vibe
huatulco I would say it could go 5050 there’s some really nice resorts there the resorts could have a really unique
beach that you might know on the water or we see the hotel on the water because that games worked hard to find food
worlds besides priority’ haven’t been now Caputo buzz of mine I would say for sure hotel
muscle on 100% stay in the hotel and enjoyed enjoy this city there’s no need to stay in a resort if you’re going to
my stand now that begs the question what those who is the all-inclusive or stay in town I would say
[Music] we interrupt that train of thought to bring you a spontaneous game of
volleyball everybody I’m tall so I’m just gonna stand by the net Jim that’s my boy
[Music] we lost sorry we have to check out Co along the states really force us to
leave what do you think all inclusive or not I think absolutely not – no losers why I
think that you where it is a unique place because the actual city is situated right on the water
I think that’s reason number one like that you can stay in this city and be on the beach like all at one time so you’re
not looking like you don’t have to stay in a different area of town you’re venturing to town there’s plenty of
restaurants like everything is already at your fingertips if you stay in town which is I think one of the reasons you
would stay to resort if to have everything your your tips yeah I would say unlike unlike Cancun and unlike
cobble Raya is the destination like the city is the destination not only not only the beach for the mounds or as the
tours but the city itself is the destination and unlike Cabo the food here and everything is very very
affordable yeah I think that’s thing number two is like saying all the room is also really reasonably priced whereas
like I think in Cabo you might as well stay the resort because you’re gonna spend just as much money off the resort
I do not think that’s the case here I Merida I think that the town is like a great mix of people visiting people who
live there tons of people still live in by Arda so I think I think affordability wise I think your book goes a lot
further off the resort in Merida than it is anywhere else yeah that said hey like coming to my
yard and saying all inclusive is better than not coming to Vera at all and there’s still a lot of cool tours you
can do if you come to vie are done you’re staying and all inclusive just venture downtown at minimum go to the
boardwalk go to the medical and you really get a taste for revita and I almost guarantee you will fall in love
did you tell him the bad news you broke my sunglasses where is it here I did it really the ball did I got
it she hit me in the face with the ball like it was payback in the face at the ball
we were playing volleyball and your face stuff and all instead of your hands I’m sorry reflex is there a little
cilantro now that you’re 28 but don’t put that on needs a second pair in a week her needs CrossFit
[Music] about you but I do feel like like like I miss homework so I’m excited to go home
here what are your final thoughts on like all inclusive experience or just the whole
overall represent the way that people across the world see
Mexico although I don’t think it’s the best option for gray are not specifically I didn’t know those are
great options for lots of destinations yeah yeah and like you said it’s a way that so many people Mexicans and
otherwise see Mexico so it’s interesting to see Mexico and deceive our order from the perspective that so many people see
it I think I think they’re about to kick us out so I guess slow in the video thank you guys so much for coming along
that’s all inclusive tour with us and I hope you guys are just as cool as we are until next time have left to mourn

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